Following a competitive selection process, 44 Application Experiments (AEs) will be selected and conducted to demonstrate the transfer of flexible and wearable electronics technologies into new products / series of products, processes, business models and business opportunities.

Application Experiments will be conducted as small collaborative projects equipped with skills and means necessary for reaching defined objectives. Application Experiment consortia will typically consist of 3-4 partners including members of the SmartEEs consortium.

Each selected Application Experiment will benefit from a range of technical services, to be provided either by SmartEEs competence centres (CEA, CPI, TNO, VTT, EUT, FHG, IMEC and CeNTI) or other Third Parties affiliated to SmartEEs Community. Technical services will be complemented by a set of non-technical services to be provided by SmartEEs innovation and business developers – BLM, EBN and AMI or other Third Parties affiliated to SmartEEs Community. Please check the Marketplace where you can discover validated flexible and wearable electronics technologies.

Selected Application Experiments (AEs)

If you are interested to know more about the innovative companies, who will be selected following each cut-off date, and their application experiments, this is the right place to look for information. We will be publishing the relevant information following each cut-off date in this section. Information about the innovative companies selected for the 1st cut-off date is now available. Stay tuned!

1st cut-off Application Experiment acronym Innovative Company Technology partner Business partner Sector
SmartSecure HUECK FOLIEN GmbH Prismade Labs GmbH EBN Other
e-Glove LiMiX S.r.l. EUT IC Medical pharmaceutical
SMART-MASK Manufacturas ARPE SL CeNTI IC Textile fashion
Xsensio Xsensio S.A. TNO MSWtech Consumer electronics
SMART-HORSE-RIDING POLISILK SA Sensingtex IC Textile fashion
INCRYPTON Aniar Cumhacht Teoranta SCREENTEC BLM Medical pharmaceutical
eTextHeat ComSensus, komunikacije in senzorika, d.o.o. Interactive Wear AG BLM Automotive
EMO Inuru GmbH OrelTech GmbH BLM Packaging
UVCee Agiler Ynvisible EBN Medical pharmaceutical
Proback MADESIGN DITF AMI Textile & fashion
2nd cut-off
FLEXBRICK Tagenea S.L. IN2TEC BLM Logistics
SENSE TAG ISRA InnovationLab AMI Medical pharmaceutical
e-Shepherd Cintas y Pasamanería, S.A. ITP GMBH BLM Textile & fashion
oPatch Endomedica GmbH FHG Upperion Medical pharmaceutical
Sensy-Flex e-Whiz Profactor Sun Nano Textile & fashion
AVA WINT Design Lab GbR CPI ETRONIXX Consumer electronics
Equisym LIM France CEA LIM France Other
3rd cut-off ExoSense Moveo S.r.l. IMEC IMEC Medical
etLungHealth Kinetic Analysis BV QUAD industries (BE) IMEC Medical
HSATpro Netsensing technology Sàrl PLUX (PT) CENTI Medical
MEntechInnovation:ROSA Mentech Innovation B.V. QUAD industries (BE) IMEC Medical
GAITKeeper2 BlackTop Labs BV AITEX (ES) VTT Medical
SGM Infármate Atención Farmacéutica domiciliaria S.L. EURECAT EURECAT Medical
MAESTRO Luquet & Duranton GUARRO Casas (ES) EURECAT Packaging
SUH IoT Inventions LEAP Technology (DK) FhG Medical
LATTS ( Light Auto Powered Tracking & Temperature Sensors) Dracula Technologies ECCT (NL) CEA Energy
ROLLUP Ab.Acus srl VTT VTT Medical