In the period between 18th December 2017 and 20 September 2019, the SmartEEs project organized a Call for Application Experiments with 5 cut – off dates following which the evaluation process of all received application experiments was carried out. As a result of a competitive selection process, 20 Application Experiments (AE) were selected and conducted to demonstrate the transfer of flexible electronics technologies into new products, processes, business models and business opportunities.

Application Experiments were implemented as small collaborative projects equipped with skills and means necessary for reaching defined objectives. Application Experiment consortia typically consisted of 3-4 partners including members of the SmartEEs consortium.

Each selected Application Experiment benefited from a range of technical services provided by SmartEEs competence centres (CEA, CPI, TNO, VTT, EUT, FHG, and IMEC), and a set of non-technical services provided by SmartEEs innovation and business developers – BLM, EBN and AMI. Please check the Marketplace Showroom in you wish to discover more than 35 flexible electronics technologies available from competence centres, and please consult the table below for all SmartEEs non-technical services.

Product development Management of product development To support each IC in considering the right design taking into account design to cost, environmental constraints, regulations, and manufacturability
IP management To optimize IP management to generate good value and differentiation for the IC. This is especially important to further attract private investment and customers.
Supply chain development and management To support each IC in identifying the right suppliers, manufacturers and partners along the entire supply chain.
Business support Business case validation To support each IC in validating the relevance of its innovation opportunity for value creation
Market validation – voice of the customer To support IC in finding the right approach to gather market feedback early on in its product development phase
Unique value proposition and business model definition To support IC in defining its unique value proposition and business model via a mentoring service
Business model development To support IC with brokerage activities through SMARTEES network
Access to finance Validation of business plans Support IC with good methodology to build and validate business plan
Sourcing public funds Advise IC in the best financing strategy and introduction of support and potential financial partners

Public Evaluation Reports

If you would like to know more about the evaluation results of the SmartEEs 5 cut-off dates, please download the Public Evaluation Reports.

1st cut-off Public Evaluation Report

2nd cut-off Public Evaluation Report

3rd cut-off Public Evaluation Report

4th cut-off Public Evaluation Report

5th cut-off Public Evaluation Report

Selected Application Experiments (AEs)

1st cut-off

Application Experiment title Innovative Company Technology partner Business partner Sector
IoT Flex Node Small Data Garden (FIN) VTT (FIN) AMI (CZ) Logistics / Packaging
ORIGAMO ItoM Medical (NL) CPI (UK) BLM (FR) Health
2nd cut-off Application Experiment title Innovative Company Technology partner Business partner Sector
FLxE-UTAG UWINLOC (FR) EUT (ES) BLM (FR) Logistics / Packaging
ETS La manufacture à Félix (FR) CEA (FR) EBN (BE) Sports
3rd cut-off Application Experiment title Innovative Company Technology partner Business partner Sector
Flexcap Bitbrain (ES) CEA (FR) BLM (FR) Health
DIGITAG Tagenea S.L. (ES) IMEC (BE) BLM (FR) Logistics
4th cut-off Application Experiment title Innovative Company Technology partner Business partner Sector
O.light ESYST s.r.o. (CZ) FHG (DE) AMI (CZ) Building
NANOENVI Envira IOT (ES) VTT (FIN) BLM (FR) Building
GAITKeeper BlackTop Labs BV (NL) EUT (ES) EBN (BE) Health
FLXilight IDEA SRL (IT) TNO (NL) AMI (CZ) Building
3DMA Prototypen & Sonderlösungen (DE) FHG (DE) EBN (BE) Building
Flexible – FENPS Automatización del Internet de las Cosas, SL. (ES) EUT (ES) AMI (CZ) Health
5th cut-off Application Experiment title Innovative Company Technology partner Business partner Sector
Get Deed S.r.L. (IT) TNO (NL) BLM (FR) Consumer electronics
RFLEX Ab Acus s.r.l. (IT) EUT (ES) BLM (FR) Health
SmartK7 FUELIUM S.L. (ES) VTT (FIN) AMI (CZ) Health

Innovative Companies (ICs)

Movesole acquires a development case in SMARTEES with smart app assisted insoles for the medical domain

Movesole Ltd produces smart shoe insoles to measure force and pressure under the feet. Data is collected through smart phone informing the user on track control and feet position.  The product is especially developed for the sports and consumer market.

The company is now entering the medical domain with their 2nd generation product. Thereto, Movesole requested SMARTEES to assist in optimizing product design and at the same time include novel sensors to the product.

The challenge in building a smart insole as a medical device is quite big. The smart insole must be robust and reliable in a tough environment including mechanical stress, moisture, sweat, indoor and outdoor usage, and extreme temperature changes all integrated in a 2 dimensional product. Hybrid printed electronics is potentially suitable to meet this challenges.

In the project SMARTEES will utilize SOTA printing techniques completed with the latest sensor development to make the 2nd generation InSOLE, including robustness and quality at a right price point.

Small Data Garden to implement its IoT Flexi Node with SmartEEs


Small Data Garden, SDG, is a young Finnish company that powers the IoT with the simplest communication solutions. Company is based in Riihimäki, Finland, in the heart of the Finnish Growth Corridor.

SDG’s core business revolves around commercializing IOTSU, the scalable platform solution for the global IoT industry.

Over the course of the Application Experiment we will combine our accumulated IoT expertise with SmartEEs’ expertise in flexible electronics. This cooperation is expected to result in IoT Flexi Node, which is a flexible and stretchable wireless sensor platform that is optimized for IoT specified networks. To visualize the benefits of the technology we aim to create two Product Demonstrators: Eco-friendly plaster like thermometer and IoT tape for letters to track when/where they are opened.

“We see tremendous potential in scaling our platform technology to cover applications where the dimensions of boxed IoT devices cause restrictions and have significant drawbacks in the range. We are very much looking forward to commencing the co-operation with the SmartEEs team”, states Timo Liukko, Chairman of SDG.

“Our expertise in IoT platforms and IoT optimized networks can be combined with flexible electronics to produce flexible wireless sensor platforms that are optimized for long-range low-energy solutions”, says Petri Hänninen CTO of SDG.

Project ORIGAMO – OveRnIGht Asthma Monitoring proposed by ItoM Medical B.V., and being developed by Centre for Process Innovation and Blumorpho, is the development of a wearable medical device

The medical device addresses the problem of uncontrolled asthma in children. This is a huge and growing problem worldwide. These children may fail to respond promptly when adverse effects occur, which often leads to asthma attacks or even emergency hospital visits. Children with uncontrolled asthma suffer from a decreased quality of life. Overall healthcare costs of uncontrolled asthma are high.

Achieving good asthma control for children leads to an increased quality of life and a reduction of overall healthcare costs. Utilising ItoM’s innovative surface-ElectroMyoGraphy (sEMG) technology when attached to a flexible printed circuit connected to the patient via a “smart vest” which is comfortable for the wearer and easy to operate in the home environment.

Centre for Process Innovation’s technical capabilities will ensure a working demonstrator of the device is available for testing. These facilities include screen printing with a high level of experience in electronics to substrate attaching technologies for wearable electronics and potential to scale-up to pilot manufacture. While Blumorpho will support the complex business needs for the legislative requirements and routes into the medical device market, developing a strong value proposition for the device across many EU healthcare systems.

The final goal of the solution developed in the ORIGAMO project is to empower all the children with uncontrolled asthma worldwide to take control of their disease and create a better life for themselves and their parents. Due to ORIGAMO and with the help of SmartEEs, a working prototype will be a big step forward towards this goal.

La manufacture to implement project ETS together with the SmartEEs team


La manufacture is a non-tech equipment manufacturer of sporting articles made of wood for leisure activities. Our company is located in Garlin, France close to Pyrénées mountains.

Our objective in participating in Smartees project is to develop an IOT version of our products. Our need is indeed to improve technical aspect and confirm the market opportunity of our concept. That is true reason why we are looking for a solution to join IOT technologies in our products in order to provide services to the end user.

SmartEEs flexible electronics to be used by Woodoo for the project SMARTWOOD 

Woodoo develops and manufactures translucent wood finished products. The company has developed and patented a new generation of wood materials with advanced physical and optical properties : translucent, touch-sensitive and weatherproof. The material won 25 international innovation awards in 2017, and is to be used for novel wood human-machine interface application in car interiors. Through SmartEEs, we would like to use flexible electronics, more precisely FOLED screens, to be combined with our translucent-tactile wood interface for 3D touch-sensitive dashboards elements.

UWINLOC  will integrate flexible electronics to develop flexible tags with project FLxE-UTAG

UWINLOC has developed the world’s first IoT BATTERY-LESS tag for industrial indoor positioning. Its competitive cost makes it affordable for companies to track a high volume of goods at 30cm precision in order to optimize stock and production flows while avoiding manual inventories.

Before UWINLOC, there were no existing solutions available in the market to locate high volumes of assets at high precision. With its current product offer, UWINLOC is improving the current cutting edge   asset tracking, however, the product itself has not yet reached an optimum level of specifications to fully address the market opportunity across multiple sectors.

The SmartEEs Application Experiment will focus on the rigid PCB and aims to integrate flexible electronics to develop a flexible tag. The main challenge is to transfer the standard PCB design onto a flexible PCB technology.

TAGENEA to develop smart labels for the retail industry thanks to SmartEES

Currently, the offline sales channels of the retailers are suffering an aggressive global competition with a lack of tools to be able to compete with the dynamic e-commerce strategies. The market opportunity is to facilitate the final customers with a complete omni-channel experience, to provide tools for the offline retailers to quickly synchronise with the market trends and the e-commerce, and also to reduce the cost of the current manual tagging work.

This Application Experiment (AE) aims to innovate and co-create a new generation of smart labels for the retail industry, able to provide a full omni-channel experience for both the customers and the retailers. TAGENEA has been selected by the SMARTEES initiative in order to develop its 1st generation of innovative products and also to accelerate the integration of flexible electronic technologies into novel products.

TAGENEA S.L. is a newly created company with the aim to lead the label-digitalization of the retail-fashion industry by developing innovative and smart labels in order to physically show digital information.

OptionsNet is taking its developments efforts to a new level with FETCHING AE, as the compnay is planning to integrate flexible electronics into its current SaMMY platform; creating ‘Smart Marinas’

OptionsNet is strategically focused on Maritime ICT domain, developed systems & solutions for this sector. More specifically, they have a commercial marina platform that makes marine called SaMMY (Smart Agile Management of Marinas and Yachts). The SaMMY platform is fully operational in Patras Port and it is equipped with multifunctional sensors (ultrasound, sound level, water quality, weather etc.). All these devices are interconnected with an IoT gateway that collects data in real-time and it sends them in a cloud infrastructure.

The company is now looking to integrate flexible electronics into the SaMMY platform and has been granted assistance through the SmartEEs project to do so, enabling expansion of the platforms IOT capability and functionality. CPI is the technical service provider who will assist in integrating novel lighting and photovoltaic technologies. In addition to technical assistance, EBN will provide OptionsNet with the business mentoring to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge to access funding, target markets and have the tools to achieve benefits from the commercialisation of SaMMY with flexible electronic features.

BlackTop has partnered with SmartEEs to further develop GAITKeeper

BlackTop Labs BV designs and develops connected, wearable devices for motion analysis- our vision is to catalyze personalized rehabilitation and athletic training to promote improved patient outcomes and injury prevention.

Our first product, the GAITKeeperTM, is a combination of compression pants that integrate flexible electronics and a software application. The flexible electronics are integrated sensors that wirelessly transfer data to the algorithm for interpretation. The outputs represent muscle activity and coordination with movement patterns, allowing our software to output actionable data that is highly scalable into niche markets including orthopaedic rehabilitation, stroke recovery, and training guidelines.

Wouter Welling, expert sports scientist at MCZ Groningen (PlusPractice known for optimal care) says the GAITKeeperTM is the future of rehabilitation – quantitative data is necessary for therapy centers to profit, to facilitate eHealth, and for value-based reimbursement documentation.

BlackTop has partnered with SmartEEs to further develop their validated proof of concept device by developing a method of attachment for their sensor platform into a textile design that facilitates seamless data collection.

Flexible OLED and 3D wood composite (3DMA) for a touch-sensitive Smart Home device

The enterprise “Prototypen & Sonderlösungen” is a supplier of design services, developments and production of wood prototypes, -products and -materials. One of these developments is 3DMA, a patented wood-based composite in which shields, functional elements and electronic components, as well as printed organic electronics can be implemented (wood with integrated electronics). Based on this we manufacture electronic devices, modules, smart surfaces and interfaces from wood. The technical solution is open to electronic components and software solutions from third parties. The use of such new combined wood-high-tech products is located in the premium product range of various markets, e.g. aviation, yacht and building interiors.

Within SmartEEs we create a design product prototype with a combination of flexible OLED and 3D wood composite (3DMA) to a touch-sensitive Smart Home device together with Fraunhofer FEP. The opportunities of such a product are not only of great interest to the numerous smart home appliance manufacturers worldwide, rather to the entire electronics products market. With 3DMA we enable our customers to emphasize in the market with high-tech design products and thus open up completely new customer groups.

An important role within SmartEEs plays our business partner EBN, who actively supports us in business case validation, supply chain development, investor preparation and fundraising.

Public Deliverables

This section will include a lit of all public deliverables of the selected Application Experiments. Stay tuned for more information.

Application Experiments