Application Experiments OLD

Following a competitive selection process, 20 Application Experiments (AE) will be selected and conducted to demonstrate the transfer of flexible electronics technologies into new products, processes, business models and business opportunities.

Application Experiments will be conducted as small collaborative projects equipped with skills and means necessary for reaching defined objectives. Application Experiment consortia will typically consist of 3-4 partners including members of the SmartEEs consortium.

Each selected Application Experiment will benefit from a range of technical services, to be provided by SmartEEs competence centers (CEA, CPI, TNO, VTT, EUT, FHG, and IMEC) which will be complemented by a set of non-technical services to be provided by SmartEEs innovation and business developers – BLM, EBN and AMI. Please check the Marketplace Showroom in you wish to discover more that 35 flexible electronics technologies available from competence centres, and please consult the table below for all SmartEEs non-technical services.

Product development Management of product development To support each IC in considering the right design taking into account design to cost, environmental constraints, regulations, and manufacturability
IP management To optimize IP management to generate good value and differentiation for the IC. This is especially important to further attract private investment and customers.
Supply chain development and management To support each IC in identifying the right suppliers, manufacturers and partners along the entire supply chain.
Business support Business case validation To support each IC in validating the relevance of its innovation opportunity for value creation
Market validation – voice of the customer To support IC in finding the right approach to gather market feedback early on in its product development phase
Unique value proposition and business model definition To support IC in defining its unique value proposition and business model via a mentoring service
Business model development To support IC with brokerage activities through SMARTEES network
Access to finance Validation of business plans Support IC with good methodology to build and validate business plan
Sourcing public funds Advise IC in the best financing strategy and introduction of support and potential financial partners

Stay tuned for more information about the first Application Experiments that will be selected following the first cut-off date in March 2018.